When you trade on CEX.IO Broker, you notice PnL and P/L indicators in the trading terminal and the account statement.

PnL and P/L are the same terms for Profit and Loss. In trading, Profit and Loss could be of two types:

  • Realized profit on the CEX.IO Broker is also called Settled PnL. The metric shows the Profit and Loss for the closed position. Read more about the Realized Profit in our Trader’s Glossary here.

  • Unrealized profit is a Floating P/L for the position which is currently open. This P/L metric shows you how much you will gain or lose if you were to close the position now. It is based on the real-time price. Read more about Unrealized Profit here.

Where do you see the Unrealized and Realized profits in CEX.IO Broker? Check out the visuals below:

Floating P/L (Unrealized profit):

You can check Floating P/L in the header of the Trading Terminal as the total FPL of your positions, and in the Positions tab separately for each of them.

Floating P/L CEX.IO Broker

Settled PnL (realized profit):

Realized, or Settled PnL, represents a profit or loss of your closed positions.

You can check it in several ways:

1. In Position History tab (it will be shown for approximately 2 weeks);

Settled PnL

2. In Account Statement, where all of the information about your position is displayed, including Settled PnL.

Transaction Settled PnL CEX.IO Broker
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