Chart area is where you monitor prices. You have a number of chart modifications and a variety of analytics tools at your disposal to help you analyze price movements and make your decisions.

So let's take a look at how we can customize our workplace for our needs.


There are 2 ways how you can start to change the chart settings, configure its Appearance and Paddings:

  1. Button with a Gear;

  2. Click on the CSS Hamburger menu;

Appearance tools:

Show Crosshair - is an option to review a certain point on the chart, while you put the cursor on it. If this function will be switched on you will get the whole picture of the chart movements. Open/Close price, High/Low prices and the volume of the candle which means the frequency of the price changes;

Show crosshair broker CEX.IO
  • Fixed Data Box - Databox with the information plate will be fixed in the upper left corner of the Chart widget;

  • Floating Data Box - Databox with the information plate will follow the upper right part of the Y-axis of the crosshair;

Show Candle Border - give you the possibility to switch on/off a stroke of the candle. The color of the stroke will be the same as the color of the candle in case it is a bull/bull wick candle;

Show High/Low - if you want to control the whole situation with price changes this option will show you the highest and lowest price on the chart. This indicator depends on the time period you have chosen for chart display;

Show High/Low on CEX.IO Broker

Show Volume - on the CEX.IO Broker this option does not show the actual volume of the trades, it shows how often the price changes in any way. That means that the highness of the bar depends on the frequency of the price change. The visual part of the "show volume" displayed as bars at the bottom of the Chart widget.

Show volume on CEX.IO Broker

Show Grid - helps you to track the level of the prices on the chosen time periods via X/Y axes. This setting is always turn on in the starting settings, however, if you want you can turn it off.

Show Grid on CEX.IO broker

Autoscale Price axis - if you want your graphic to automatically follow the price movement you can turn on this function.

Color Settings:

This option perfectly fits us for the color customization of our chart. Using the available colors pallet we can change the selected elements of the chart as we want it to see.

Color customization on CEX.IO broker
color customization chart


Padding function allows you to shrink the chart on top and the bottom of it and indent the right side of the chart (1 bar=1 candle).

If you use "Autoscale Price axis" visual it would be more convenient to have an indent on the right side on the chart.

Autoscale Price axis
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