We had prepared all of the basic stuff which will help you to speed up the gaining of your profits. These video tutorials are easy, fast and they created for you to save your time.

Step 1.
Getting started with CEX.IO Broker: Registration

Looking for robust crypto trading brokers?

Welcome to CEX.IO Broker! We are a multi-asset margin platform for cryptocurrencies, forex pairs, and stock trading.

In this video, we will show you how to get your account with us.

Step 2.
How to create a Live Bitcoin trading account at CEX.IO Broker

In this video, we’ll show you how to make a Bitcoin account for margin trading at CEX.IO Broker and move from theory to practice. However, if you want to test the platform features before you start trading, you can use a Demo account. A Bitcoin demo trading account is a perfect choice for newcomers. You can get familiar with platform functionality, estimate your trading possibilities, and practice trading Bitcoin and other crypto using different trading strategies or even build your own — all this at no risk as you don’t use your real money.

Step 3.
How to make a deposit to your CEX.IO Broker account

So, the time has come to start making real money by trading crypto at a robust cryptocurrency margin trading platform. To involve your assets in crypto margin trade, you should transfer them to your CEX.IO Broker account.

Funding your trading account is the third step to your crypto goals.

The previous two are:

Account registration

Creating of Live trading account

In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how to deposit BTC into CEX.IO Broker. You can also create an ETH-based or USDT-based account to deposit and withdraw in these currencies.

Step 4.
How to withdraw BTC from your CEX.IO Broker account

Well, well, it looks like someone got profit from Bitcoin margin trading at CEX.IO Broker and wants to withdraw funds to a personal wallet. Whatever the reason you have for withdrawing your funds instead of opening a new position and making more money with it, we’ve made a step-by-step video guide for you.

So, how to withdraw BTC (ETH, USDT) from CEX.IO Broker?

It’s easy as 1,2,3, check it out:

  • Go to Withdraw Funds in your CEX.IO Broker account

  • Enter the amount of your withdrawal

  • Confirm action — click Make a Transfer

Step 5.
How to make a market order at CEX.IO Broker

To open a position at CEX.IO Broker you need to place an order first. In this video, you can see how to make a market order that will immediately open a long or short position and start trade cryptocurrency with margin. This type of order is useful for instant and urgent tradings when time matters more than the price.

Ok, but what is a market order, actually? We can define it as a direction or command from a trader to buy or sell the asset at the current price presented on the market. Or, in crypto margin trading, it’s an order to open a long/short position immediately whatever the current price is.

Step 6.

How to place a limit order (and modify it) at CEX.IO Broker

Thinking about placing a delayed order? The limit order will be the right choice. In this video guide, you’ll learn how to place a limit order, set the protection orders for your position, and modify the order after sending.

What is a limit order?

Traders use the limit type of orders to specify the price at which they want to buy or sell the asset. When you use a market order on crypto margin trading exchanges, you just take the nearest position in the order book to execute the order right now. When choosing a limit or stop order, you sacrifice your time for the execution price. As the crypto market is unpredictable, you never know when and whether the limit order will be completed.

Step 7.
Placing and modifying a limit sell order at CEX.IO Broker

In this video, you can see a sell limit order example: we send an order to open a short position at a price that is higher than the market rate, add protectors (stop loss and take profit) and modify them in real-time. Let’s look deeper into the details.

What is a limit order to sell?

When expecting a price drop, it is a good idea to send a limit-sell order to open a short position. You can specify the price of order execution, however, be ready to wait for the market to reach this rate.

Step 8.
How to place an OCO (one-cancel-the-other) order at CEX.IO Broker

With OCO or one-cancel-the-other order, you can send two orders at the same time. It gives you more flexibility for your trading experience and practical for fixing profits and minimizing losses. Wonder how to place it? Watch the tutorial.

What is an OCO order and how to use it in your trading strategy?

With an OCO type of order, you can place two orders limit or stop to buy or sell the asset. In cryptocurrency margin trade — to open a long or short position. However, only one order will be completed, and the second one — canceled at the same time. Before you start using OCO orders, make sure you understand how to limit and stop orders work. Refer to our Knowledge base to find some useful info.

Step 9.
Partial closure of your positions at CEX.IO Broker

By closing a part of your position you can minimize your risks and avoid automatic liquidation of your trades. At the same time, part of your capital is still involved in margin trading crypto. Watch the video to find out how you can easily use a partial closure of your positions at one of the best crypto margin trading platforms.

You can manage your trades in the Positions widget under the price chart. To cancel a part or entire position, click the cross mark in front of it. You’ll see the pop-up window where you can specify the number of lots to close. To confirm your action, click on the Close position button.

By the way, if you forgot to set protectors for your position, you can add them anytime. Just double click on the position and choose Modify position in the context menu. You’ll be able to add stop loss and take profit orders, change them, or even cancel — whatever you need for your Bitcoin trading practice.

Step 10.
Fixing profits: how to close the position at CEX.IO Broker

Feeling that you are ready to close your active positions?
Then this video guide is for you.

When your active position gets an attractive PL and you think it’s an excellent time to fix profits, you just click a cross icon and close your position. Well, in margin trading cryptocurrency, it can happen that you need to cancel your trade to prevent losses. If so, you can partially close a position while other lots will still participate in leverage trading. You can learn more about that in this video.

When trading crypto with leverage, it’s important to understand the difference between settling position vs closing position. The size of your position is bigger than the value of assets you actually own on your balance. Settling a position involves buying and selling the asset you trade. So, the bought amount of crypto will be credited to your account, and the fiat will be deducted from your balance. When trading contracts for difference, you don’t actually buy or sell the asset. So, by closing a position you return the borrowed crypto and get your profits to your account balance.

The Last Step.
CEX.IO Broker: How to generate Account Statement

Your account statement contains detailed information about your trading history, including your total profits, losses, and fees you’ve paid. Watch this video to find out how you can generate a statement for your CEX.IO Broker cryptocurrency practice account.

What information can you find in your account statement?

The Summary of your account shows the general info, like your current balance, equity, floating and settled PnL, free and used margin, the total amount of your deposits and withdrawals, and fees that you’ve paid for cryptocurrency brokerage trading. Check this article to know more about these indicators.

Additionally, you can see how your balance was changing during the selected period on the Balance chart.

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